Why Solace Care?

Discussing the possibilities of seeking home care support is a critical issue for any family, especially for a loved one who insists they have the capacity to take full responsibility of themselves. Perhaps this can be accounted for the preconceived notion of surrendering privacy and independence in procuring such assistance. Our partnership approach to senior in-home care ensures your loved one’s needs are always first and foremost in our minds. We will work together to provide the highest level of in-home care that you or your loved one requires.

Our Culture of Care

Our team members come from a culture of interdependence, close-knit families and multi generational households supporting each other. We collectively share a high level of respect for our elder community and the concept of care giving is deeply rooted in our culture. Quality care for the elderly is considered a filial piety in our culture. We have strong convictions that older adults deserve and should age successfully in their homes with dignity and grace. We recognize the busy lives families are leading today and the challenges faced when caring for a loved one in need – consider the Solace Care team as an extension of your family to provide compassionate and professional care.

Solace Education and Training Institute (SETI)

Our propriety education and training institute trains and educates our caregivers on skills needed to provide exceptional care for those suffering with common conditions to those with specialized and advanced chronic conditions. Caregivers must also successfully complete our soft skills training.

Long Term Care Insurance Assistance

Our approach is to work with our clients and customize a plan to pay for the costs of in-home care. Long Term Care Insurance is one of the best ways to financially prepare for the need of long term care and can give you and your loved one great peace of mind. The team at Solace Care can assist you in understanding your Long Term Care Insurance policy, find the best way to maximize your benefits and manage the administrative process of claims handling and reimbursement.

Advocacy Referrals

It is not always easy navigating the wealth of services available to you. We are here to help. We collaborate with a number of local resources. Contact us today if want more information on any of our Advocacy Referral Services.